Winter 2010 - snowflakes on my truck

For me, nature is a huge part of my outlook on things.  We live in a very rural setting.  Our ranch has been home to many different types of critters.  Retired Thoroughbred racehorses.  Rescued horses from feedlots.  Dairy goats. Miniature goats.  Pygora goats.  Chickens, both standard breeds and my favorite, the tiny Serema chicken.  Doves.  A geriatric Pheasant. The neighbor across the street moved and couldn’t take his ducks and chickens. Since he was the one who alerted us to impending disaster last winter (our chimney was having a flue fire)…I felt I owed him and agreed to adopt his birds.  Search “flue fire” on my blog if you want to read that blog post 🙂

Anyway, nature and the weather rules a lot of my daily activities.  Recently it has been too hot to do much outdoors unless it is early morning.  I haven’t been shooting as many photographs lately either.  Partly due to the weather, partly due to the shaky hands.  Another gift from the Aspartame (artificial sweetener) toxicity I suffered.   It is approaching 4 years since I stopped drinking diet Coke.  Poison people.  Pure poison.  I used to jokingly say “when I start to glow in the dark, I will quit drinking it”.  OMG!  I didn’t glow folks, it sapped every bit of strength out of me.  If you are interested in more gory details, Google “Aspartame poisoning”.  It took me 2 days to do three hours of chores.  It was literally killing me.  So, moral of the story, eat or drink NOTHING that didn’t exist a hundred years ago.  That is how I do it now.

Tweety the magnificent 🙂

One of our favorite birds.  Tweety was brought to me as a “rooster” (HA!)  She is very tame and follows me around everywhere.  One day, several months after she took up residence here, she squawked.  I looked down and she walked away….from an egg! She sat down and laid an egg right by my foot.  What a chicken 🙂

I better get busy, enjoy the day all!