Getting ready to lift off!

The other night, it seemed to me that I was starting to notice a hint of fall in the air.  Where we live is at the foot of a mountain range.  They have a lot of pines, and I could smell that piney scent the next morning.  Today, it is just too bright, brilliant light, not so much clear, but just BRIGHT.  I need a pair of clip on sunglasses for my specs.  Oh well, maybe next month.  I will have to get some before the snow comes again, I went through last winter sticking a pair of sunglasses over my regular ones.  Nope, not again.  I actually ended up walking the path I always take with my eyes pretty much closed all the time.  Like I said, not again, not this winter.


The hot air balloons were at the local airport last weekend.  It was quite a sight.  Mom and I went and then followed them to where they landed.  They didn’t go far, but it was really interesting to watch the whole preparation thing, the flight and then the landings.

Good flight

Loved this……..

Tacked up on one of the balloon trailers doors 🙂

I agree, but make my ride a Stearman biplane ok?

Hot here, ready for summer to go.  Not for snow to come, but heat can go 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!