Hot air balloon getting aired up - note the flame inside balloon upper right of photograph

Hot air balloons came to Susanville this past weekend.  Very interesting and impressive.  It is beautiful and serene – until they use those propane jets to fill or lift the balloons with hotter air…then it is LOUD 🙂 Fun to see. More photos coming.

How often do you realize that the things you use, see, watch, listen to etc, change?  In the last few years, I notice it more and more.  Perhaps you were used to purchasing a specific type of chili?  Now you find it isn’t in your local supermarket, nor in any of the other stores?  Perhaps it is chunky applesauce you have enjoyed your whole life….then it is gone – poof!  Gone from production, not just the store.  Now you see it, now you don’t.  Grr.  Just a tiny botherment in the whole big picture that is life, right? Yep.

For the past 9 years we have lived here, at night I have heard what sounded to be a bird.   I didn’t know that there was a kind of bird that flies at night aside from owls.  Well there are, they are part of the nightjar family.  I just realized that the sound I hear at night is that sort of bird.  I have never seen one fly, but heard them frequently.  They eat flying insects and have tiny feet and legs.  They don’t perch on a branch, and they walk very poorly.  They nest on the ground and are very interesting.  I had the opportunity to see one recently that had been injured and is being rehabbed to be released. Neat bird! Oh, it makes the same noise the wild ones I had heard do…..that was how I made that connection 🙂

Since I was young, I have baked. Homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Well, lots of other things too….sometimes chewy.  Sometimes crispy.  Maybe at times chocolate chocolate chip.  I used shortening for many years, then changed to butter.  The butter ones you have to watch the amount of flour, and baking time.  That would be so they are crispy and not hard to eat.  One day I realized that the recipes for cake/bread and cupcakes are all pretty much the same taste wise, just different volume for the finished product.  Interesting.  Baking is a science, that is the fun part.  If it were boring I would not bother with it.  I am like that you know 🙂

We just had an amazing sunrise.  Clouds and a few sprinkles if you can believe it. Lovely and cool right now.  Most mornings like this I would have grabbed my camera and raced outside.  It was definitely worth it, but I am tired….and mostly I didn’t bother because I am irritated that my hands shake.  Too much for good focus at times.  It is very frustrating.  One day, when I can do it, I am going to buy one of the new fangled cameras that has a function that minimizes that tremor and that will be fantastic.  Bummer really, the rheumatoid arthritis has taken the ability from me to draw and paint.  I did calligraphy many years ago and now that skill is unusable as well.  I am however lucky with how this is affecting me, I can still type, and while my hands and feet are suffering most, it could be much worse.  I just have to remember that when I have to pass on doing something that I can’t do easily or at all.

The chicks from last month are fully feathered and are out in the bantam coop now.  At first they were like ???!?!?!?!?! AGH!  Now they are cheerily cheeping at life.  They are in a large cage inside, getting used to seeing the scarcely bigger chickens.  I think the tallest hen I have may be 8 or 9  inches tall if she stands on her tip-toes.  Cute things.

Working on my book, in the hand edit stage and looking forward to putting it right so I can be happy sending it off in the world 🙂  Going to be hot again, enjoy the day all!