My white peacocks on the rail outside the back door...near the lilac trees

Where did this week go already?  Oh well, we have gotten lots done around here. Things here at the house, at mom’s.  Good week so far.

So, these are my white peacocks.  It had been a while since I put them on the blog.  Beautiful birds 🙂

Anyway, hope everyone’s summer is going along alright.  The temps here have not been terrible, at least not yet.  I appreciate that, easier on humans and animals alike.  Working every day writing, sorting through boxed stuff.  One day when we move to the Puget Sound, there will be less to move 🙂

Busy day planned.  Part of the day we will be running errands in town 13 miles away. For me,  part writing, part making a new pen for the four chicks that hatched last month.  They are mostly feathered out, and I have been remiss in taking more photographs of them.  Soon.

Whatever you are doing, stay cool!  Enjoy the day all!