A routine of blogging for one thing.  There have been so many things going on that it becomes hard to even think at times – or so it seems.  Mom is doing well, the weather isn’t too bad, and I have much to write.  On the blog, but most importantly work on my WIP.  That is “work in progress” just for the record.  In doing a massive amount of reflecting on life, I have come to the opinion that I must have calm in adequate doses.  One part of calm for me?  A real estate listing photo of a home on the Puget Sound.  Once long ago, I stayed at a B&B on Bainbridge Island.  The view was quite like this view I will post below.

1759 Miracle Mile Drive Port Orchard WA # MLS#:209860

The B&B had this sort of view, where one could lie in bed and watch the Sound. The ultimate in peace inspiring calm for me.  I have this photo on my computer desktop, so it is the first thing I see when I turn the computer on.  It is the last thing I see when I shut it down for the night, never-failing to take half a minute to soak in the calm of the scene.  Ahhhhh 🙂

Better get back to work, have a great day all!