Interesting textures.........

There is always something to notice.  If it is on a drive to town, it usually has something to do with seasons.  The buckbrush is covered with snow.  The buckbrush is blooming.  Or leafing out.   Or tinder dry, which leads to hoping no one is careless and starts a fire.  There have been two recently within sight of our place.  Both were put out quickly.  Once some years ago, I was in the house, middle of the day, when a car comes screaming into the driveway, horn honking.  I go out, and the people are yelling “FIRE!!!”  Omg.  Yes indeed, across the street, behind the houses, in the field of the ranch.  The wind was blowing.  It was more than a bit alarming to have the air tankers dropping water and flame retardant.  Too close.  Thankfully it didn’t burn any structures.

The photo above I took late afternoon at mom’s house.  Baby’s breath flowers grow wild here, and we brought some inside.  They are on top of her china cabinet.  The sun was coming in through the window above the sliding glass door.  🙂 Fun.  Something everywhere you look.  Or listen.

There are swallows nesting in the eves of mom’s garage.  They very diligently built their mud nest, and I have been hearing baby swallows chatting when I walk past.  They raised a clutch several years ago, and it was fun to see them back again.  I will try to remember to get a photo of the nest.  So intricate.  Also federally protected.  Don’t knock their nests down!  They can be removed when the birds migrate away.  Then if you don’t want them there, prevent them from building, use mesh netting and they will build somewhere else.

Last night, for the first time in a long while, the owls were back.  They are great horned owls, and have raised two sets of chicks.  This spring however, they moved away.  I could hear then down the road, past the ranch across the street.  I have been quite sad about it, I loved to hear them talking at dusk, or during the night.  I think these that were here last night are a young pair and they were inspecting both nests in the trees above the house.  I hope they saw the “for rent” sign 🙂  Would love to have them here.

It is getting late, have to get to chores.

Enjoy the day all!