The bird fountain 🙂

I have been so busy, that blogging has fallen through the cracks….for that I apologize.

I find as I am writing and working and then going through boxes, I am reminded of this story.  About a man whose wife passed away without warning.  As he was packing her clothing to donate, he found the beautiful negligee he had given to her for their last Christmas together.  She had never worn it.  He remembered her saying “I will save this for a special occasion:)”.  That day never came.

Our family has been in a state of constant disruption for too long. Years.  Seven years perhaps.  Our place was for sale for a long time, but  we had originally thought we would be here forever, and ended up overbuilding for the area. Oh well.  We were here to go through a number of medical things, mom’s replacement parts (the Bionic woman you know)….and my emergency appendectomy.  Lots of stuff. You know, just stuff.  Things that happen, come along and we deal with it all.  We just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

So, back to the keeping things then not using them.  Let’s see, I will try and relate this in the correct order.  Our “big” store in town, 13 miles away is WalMart.  Yeah, heard it all before, but it is all we have.  So, two years ago, they stocked a fountain with a bird on it.  See above.  It was (gasp!) at that point $149. Oh RIGHT! Like that is gonna happen.  So, they may have sold a few, but most went into storage for selling the next season.  Then last spring, they are put out again.  This time for $ 129.  Still right, never mind.  All year I noticed the price dropping.  In the fall, when they were clearing things out for Christmas stock space, they did sell a few when they were I think $49.  Then they sat.  I noticed when they were still there and were $39.  One day when I shopping by myself, I walked in through the garden area.  There were the fountains. Perhaps 3 of them.  They were now in the main garden area, for $39.   However, staff was working on moving stuff, and they put up a 50% off sign on them.  So for about $20 bucks, I brought one home.  I put it in storage, where it sat until the other day when I was looking for something out there.  I looked at that fountain, and decided that it needed to get out of storage. It needed to be used and appreciated.  So, now it is on mom’s front deck.  It makes a delightful water feature sound 🙂 I would say we are appreciating it now.

There are many things packed for “the great move”.  One day we will do just that.  But in the meantime, I am going to make sure we use the things we love, enjoy the things we have.  Not worry about where on the planet we are.  That is about all I can say about that for now.

Hope you are staying relatively cool wherever in the world you are……enjoy every bit of each day.  And unpack those things you are “saving” to use.  We won’t get back any of the time we have waited to use these things, so use them now!