Fireworks over the Puget Sound

Happy 4th everyone!  A few years ago, we were lucky enough to visit Port Orchard WA over the 4th of July holiday.  I had never tried to take any photographs of fireworks, and I tried my hand that night.

Fireworks from the barge in the Puget Sound

Now my son is grown, and our usual “date” to go into town to watch the fireworks is off the table.  Oh well.  Thinking dinner and a nice relaxing evening.

This afternoon I will water the lilac starts I planted and dust their trunks with chili powder.  The ground squirrels are OUT OF CONTROL and have decided to see if stripping the thin lilac trunks is to their liking.  Mistake on their part.  Hoping this will work at least for a while.  Poor trees.

Hope you are all out there having a nice time with family and friends.  I am just enjoying being home.