Too much going on in life here, but when isn’t that the case?  Today is Father’s Day.  My friend Susan Wiggs wrote up a lovely tribute to her dad.  I started a post to do the same and ended up sitting here with tears running down my face.  So, scratch that.  I am looking for a photo of me with Pop.  I will post that and just say he was the best father anyone could ask for.



So much has gone on since then, it has been 11 years since his passing.   His love and support never wavered.  Thank you Pop, for showing us all what love of family truly was.

Busy week coming up, lots to do, temperatures staying nice.  The lilac trees are done for the year, and they did themselves proud.  Even if all the suckers grew again and there is a forest underneath the lilacs now.  That is ok, the chickens love to hang out in the shade during the hot summer days.

Enjoy the day all!