Lilacs in 2009 just before they bloomed

Three years ago on this same date, this is where the lilacs were.  Today, they are a little more advanced.  Some lilacs in town are beginning to bloom, which is lovely.  Fittingly, the forecast is for rain and some snow. Of course.  They were blooming as we moved into our place in 2002.  I was remiss, I did not take any photographs of them, but have wonderful recollections of going to sleep breathing in the scent.  A new and wonderful experience, I had never seen a lilac tree in person before, much less experienced the fragrance.

Lilacs in 2005

Lilacs at night in 2006

This is how the lilacs were in 2009


They have bloomed thus far 4 of the 8 seasons, we shall see how this year will count.  I went outside a few evenings ago, after the sun had set.  I was greeted with what could only really be regarded as an exhalation of lilac scent.  None were blooming yet, but there was more than a hint of fragrance in the air.

Lovely things they are, I will keep hoping for a good bloom.  Enjoy your day all!