rabbit rabbit

The closest I get to colored eggs now that my son is grown- is what my Chicky Ladies give me.  And that ranges from different shades of brown to brilliant Aracauna egg blue.  Robin’s egg blue just wasn’t right in that sentence.  The Aracauna chicken is often times referred to as the “Easter Egg” chicken, due to the different colored eggs they lay.  Beautiful.

Several years ago on Easter morning, I was at mom’s house.  I looked out the front window past the deck, and there was a tiny rabbit.  Our very own Easter bunny.  It was so cute, but so funny to have seen it that morning.  He (or she) stayed until winter.  I think it moved down the road to where I park my truck.   I see rabbits often.

The past week and a half has been really hit and miss.  My friend’s father passed away after a week of knowing he would be going “imminently”.  Aghhhh.  I sat with her until 4 am once, then came home and slept a few hours.  Whatever, it was not about me, it was about my strong friend seeing her dad fade away and finally pass.  Sad.  Life is sad, life is exuberant.  Joyful.  It all depends on where you are in it.

So, no matter what your belief, Happy Easter and may you have a nice day with family and friends.  Here in the high country, the grass it deep, the snow on the mountain above is thick and white.  Right now it is shrouded with fog down to the treeline.  Always different, ever changing.

Like life.

Don’t waste a moment of it.