The roofline of our 1905 farmhouse at dusk

I love my old house.  I am VERY happy to be living in it.  I took this photo above not long after the electrician came and looked at the status of the house wiring.  While done in several phases, nothing is too old and all looked to be in excellent shape.  It is funny how one’s view of their home changes once you stop being sure it will burn down around your ears!  After the chimney flue fire, the realization of what a loss it would be sunk in, I found this electrician.  Such a nice fellow, he fixed some things an outlet here, a wall switch there….and showed me that the type of breaker board we have – well, the reason the refreezerator (fridge) outlet was dead.  It was tripped (and yes I LOOKED at it and flipped it, but this type you have to do that TWICE).  The fridge needs to be repaired, likely needs a little switch/temp thing.  Right now, well for many months, I have been using a tiny bar sized fridge.

Outside of baby fridge 🙂

Cute things, I always thought it would be fun to have one.  It is not great fun to use one every day, I shop for perishables  in direct proportion to how much or little space I have in it.  This is it.  But I remember there are still people living in tents on the Gulf coast…….and then in Japan…….need I say more? How can I possibly complain?  I can’t.

Not much room.......

I go through phases of losing “me”.  It comes of taking care of  a lot of different stuff.  I take care of the ranch.  I take care of other people.  It is part of having family, you take care of your own.  Life goes on and we just have to deal with whatever comes our way.   You as readers can likely tell when I am in a “lost” phase, as I don’t blog much.  When I started this blog, it was to make me be responsible for writing a bit each day, even when life got complicated.  Going to try and work on that, writing the blog more frequently.  At least that is the plan!

I am an observer.  I learn from watching and listening, always have.  I was born with too much information storing capacity.  I have said for years that I am the “Queen of Useless Information”.  Actually, thinking about that, I have now changed to  “Queen of Little Used Information”.  There, I like that better.  Nice title 🙂

Off to rehang some fencing my horse has kindly pushed over.  I am grateful I still have him.  Life gets tough, then when it gets really bad, you realize how good you had it before.  I am grateful for what I have.  I have family I love. Friends I love.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but whatever does come, I will handle it:)   Have a good day all!