The PASSENGER side of my truck - grrrrr!

You know, it is one thing if you do something, knowing it will be stupid and end badly.  It is entirely another thing, to go out of the way, to BE out of the way, and get hit in a parking lot.  Grrrr.  Admittedly, I have done my fair share of stupid things.  I once backed into our lawn tractor in front of the house.  I had been driving a small pickup truck around the ranch.  I had been feeding from it, as in driving around with a bale of hay in the back.  The tailgate was down.  I parked, went inside for a minute.  I came back out, talking to my mom and my husband…got in, put the truck in reverse, and backed ….right into the $%&# tractor.  Dearly departed husband had ridden up on tractor, pulled up right behind pickup.  Got off, closed tailgate on pickup.  I suppose it would be clearer as to the stupidity factor, if I noted I am just over 5’4″ and having the tailgate helps see BEHIND the truck.  I didn’t notice the tractor, nor the tailgate up, I was only inside for a minute and was on my way again.  Whack, dent in nose of lawn tractor.  Oh well.   So, Thursday, I went to the local animal shelter to do some paperwork and visit and wait for another rescue group to arrive.  I pulled waaayyyy over to the edge of the unmarked dirt lot and parked there.  Knowing that 3 big pickups and stock trailers would be arriving soon.  I turned off the ignition, looked down, saw a van go past me and pull in to park at the side of the building.  I went back to collecting my papers.  I glanced up again and here comes the van, backing and turning into my truck.  I had taken the keys out and the windows were up.  Bang!  Oh brother.  The fellow felt bad, and he was thankfully insured.  I do realize now that I called his insurance co that afternoon, and didn’t get a call back Friday.  Another thing on the “to do” list for Monday.  Ugh.  My poor truck!

Love this, our tree at sunset recently

Recently, actually since March 22, a number of things have happened that make the botherment of a dented truck pale in comparison.  Our friend Craig died.  Our friend Lori moved away.  This week, one of my best friend’s mom and another family friend have both been diagnosed with cancer.  The same friend’s dad is going downhill due to stroke related complications at the nursing home.  Death does not care who you are, neither does cancer.  I do like this saying though…….

Live your life to the fullest.  None of us gets out alive!

So true.

Enjoy each day, really, do it!  I do!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂