Job done, cowboy bucked off, heading back to the corrals

Rarely do I care about going to events…….but we had the opportunity to attend a bull riding here.  Mom and I went, and despite the cold cold wind, we watched the first round.  Three 8 second rides, 7 bucked off.  The break they took was a long one, and the first rider back was Dakota Lewis, rider who had been invited to the Ty Murray Invitational a few weeks back.  Dakota impressed me, not so much by his riding, the PBR events are the big league – but the camaraderie between riders is evident.  They help each other get set to ride.  One will act as a “spotter” of sorts.  One of my favorite riders, Ryan McConnell was in the chute when his bull decided to buck.  This flings the rider forward, headfirst into the padded metal chute edge.  Dakota must have seen the bull shift, because not only did he have a hold of Ryan’s protective vest, he literally held him off of hitting that bar face first.  Scary, but normal, business as usual.

Chutes open, bull flat footed, bullfighter on left

The bullfighters are the most amazing athletes.  Not only do they understand how bulls think, and figure where to go, they are in the line of fire each and every time the chute opens.  They distract the bull from the fallen rider and give the rider a chance to get to safety.  This fellow ( I missed his name,)was trained /worked with the great Joe Baumgartner Bullfighter Supreme 🙂  Really a good event!

The PBR (Professional Bull Riders) are going to be in Seattle WA at the end of April.  Boy, what I would give to go to THAT event!  Chute seats!  The whole nine yards 🙂  Ah well, something to look forward to in the future 🙂

Have a good day all, blue sky, puffy white clouds.