My friend's dog Max 🙂

Time.  Distance.  Life.

Many years ago, I drove a 1961 VW bus.  It had a 10 gallon gas tank.  It did not have a gas gauge.  It did not have an odometer.  I wrote down where I had gone and guessed….for years I did this.  It cost so little to go 300 miles.  Today I filled my truck and it cost just over $88.00 and we will go about 300 miles.  OMG.

Something I say is that the only thing constant about life is change.  We are young, we age.  We all die.  I love the line “enjoy life, not one of us gets out alive!”.  As some would question, I am truly a romantic at heart.  Hidden, but it is there.  Some questions:  Do I believe in love at first sight?  Of course.  Is it possible to have a long distance relationship that works?  Who knows, I really haven’t tried.  Ha, that was random 🙂

Tomorrow, a planned power outage from 9 to 1 pm.  Goodie.  We went to town today.  Maybe we have to go tomorrow as well.  I have some papers to drop off at an office, and some to pick up at another place.

Today, a friend  has a book released.  Not just any book.  She told us about sending in the manuscript sometime over a year and a half ago.  Not a book on contract.  One from her heart.  Her working title was “The Last Carpool”.  It has been published and if you look for Susan Wiggs, the book is “The Goodbye Quilt”.  I am so happy for you Susan, I know this meant a lot to you 🙂  I looked for it in town today.  It was not in the usual places, and I should have preordered it.  I know.  Sorry… I have to find it somewhere.  Susan is also running a GREAT contest in conjunction with the release.  Go to and click on contest.  If you enter, you could win a $500 travel voucher, as she says, for planes, trains or automobile.  I am going to enter as soon as I FIND THE BOOK!!!  Check out Susan’s website, read her books, enter her contest and enjoy!  I keep trying to remember not to call it the Last Carpool still 🙂

The darling dog above belongs to a friend in far away Washington state.  He is the cutest thing, and such a nice dog.  A real Daddy’s boy he is.  Yay Max!

I better go find dinner and give it up for now.  Night all!