Ok, it isn't a robin, he is a Barbados sheep named Pumpkin

Just saw the first Robin of the year here.  Finally.  Of course we have had sightings of birds at odd times so far.  During our faux spring in Jan/Feb, I saw a number of killdeer, the shorebirds.  They hang out here in the REAL spring and nest in depressions in the ground.  A couple of sticks and twigs and they lay their eggs.  If I happen to walk in the direction of a nest, the female flies away, dragging a wing up and down, trying to lure the “predator”, ie ME away from her nest 🙂  Shrill calls, interesting birds.  Makes me miss the ocean/sound/shore even more.

Ha, wrote that earlier, finally got motivated and out to do some storm cleanup.  Yay, that is now out of the way.  Have a nice evening all!