It is still a rainbow, even if it has been stepped on, right?

It had been a very long time since I felt this poorly.  It made the weekend pass in a blur.  I took care of the stock, and felt horrible.  I stayed in bed all weekend except for chores.  I didn’t miss a thing.   If I did, I don’t know about it, so don’t bother to tell me 🙂

When I wasn’t sleeping, I was thinking.  At first, not about much at all.  Then getting the view of the big picture clearly again.  Yay!  When we first moved here, we had a plan.  To live in a beautiful area.  To enjoy life and go forward happily.  Then, a terrible thing happened.  My husband was using a common wood preservative.  Termin8.  Full of warnings, actually the entire bottle is printed with dire warnings.  Copper napthanate.   It is what gives the blue color to a lot of old farm buildings.  It keeps the wood from deteriorating.  It kills our liver.  Transferred into our bodies via the skin..Sadly, he used it in all the wrong ways, in an enclosed space, from a spray bottle, without a mask, shorts and flip flops. OMG.  What should have killed him from the beginning stretched out to nearly two years of illness, pain and resulted in me saying that I slept with my eyes open that whole time.  We could go from all is quiet to horrific pain to traveling to the ER in the middle of the night in 30 seconds flat.  Not fun.  I still shudder when I think about that time. Ugh.

Owl at night - follow the roofline to the right, it is on the branch!

So, you see, life changed.  Completely.  Now I am focused on a different direction, a different path per se.  It took me a long time to get on the road to recovery, on the road to the future.  Life is far too short.  Roadblocks be darned, we are moving in the right direction now and woe be to the fool who gets in the way now!

Weirdness in life, weirdness in clouds, it all fits!

Today it is snowing again.  Weird puffs of fat sticky flakes lining the fenceposts, the garage and the lilac trees.  The trees had begun to leaf out, just starting fat buds of leaves……we shall see how this turns out.

I have changed clothing 5 times today.  No, I do not own a “snow suit” obviously.  While I was looking through photos for the blog, I found some I have been looking for – YAY!  Stay dry and warm all, enjoy what is left of the day!