The back pasture

Yesterday I got up to find yet another covering of snow.  Not much, just a couple of inches.  By afternoon it had melted away.  I took the photo above  when I went out back to feed.  The weather here is always unpredictable.  If you don’t like it, wait 15 minutes and it will be different.

There have been days that I have worked outside most of the morning, clear blue skies.  Maybe 45 degrees.  By afternoon, it is socked in, windy, snowing hard.  Then of course are the times I go to town, which is something like 13 miles from here.  Nice at home, snowing in town.  Drive home, snowing until about a half mile from here, then sunny.  Just plain weird.

My cold/sinus thing has really kicked me and I am beat.  Heading out to make sure everything is where it should be for the night.

Missed the “Supermoon” the other night, but a couple of friends took good photos.  Who saw it? Was it very cool ?  Just curious 🙂  Night all !