Dreaming of lilacs blooming...........

I sincerely hope they do bloom.  The weather here has been just bonkers.  The six weeks of faux spring we had in Jan/Feb was longer than any real spring we have had while we have lived here.  Usually it is winter, two weeks of nice spring, then summer until a bit of fall, then winter again.  Not much variance there.

I have had a cold/sinus thing going and I am really ready to be feeling better.  I am usually very resistant to these types of things, and interestingly enough, it got me when we have been going to the doctor for wellness checkups and a course of antibiotics for me for a sadly abscessed tooth.  Ick.  Likely TMI for you all (too much information!!!) sorry!

Well, enjoy your springtime weather.  Here is hoping that your weather is better than ours.  We woke to yet more new snow, but it did melt off for the most part during the day.