The lilacs under the snow today

Yes indeed.  Snow.  All night apparently, then most of the day.  Such fun. If I lived in an apartment, or didn’t have to go outdoors, well… is still a bit too much white stuff.  Several feet, drifting to three and four foot drifts.  Over my knees in most places.

My old pheasant lives in an enclosure, topped with plastic chicken wire.  The snow accumulates then falls through. His “home” is to the right, out of the frame.  He is hiding in the A-Frame house of his.  He was MAD at me, but too old to do anything about it aside from give me bad looks and hide in the corner while I bothered him, trying to get rid of snow so he would have some walking space.

The very snowy Pheasant enclosure

My word I am tired.  I am heading to bed.  Tomorrow I will have muscles complaining that I hadn’t used in way too long.  Stay warm and sleep well all!