My white peacocks on the fence outside the back door, lilacs behind them

Dreaming of spring……..REAL spring……After contemplating what photo to add, I fell back on my white peacocks.  Not only because I love them, but because I seem to have an abundance of photos of them as well.

Our town now shares the dubious distinction of having the highest priced gasoline in the nation – according to a recent survey.  San Francisco topped the chart with prices at $ 3.54.9 a gallon.  Ridiculous.

If I had the option, I would run and buy a used new VW Beetle.  There is one locally and it is cute, it is pale yellow and it would get better gas mileage than my truck.  I am going with my friend today to see if she can buy a used car and it is on that lot.  Have to go look 🙂  Where is that money tree?  I am in the same boat as so many, but I am so tired of being worried about things. Ugh.

I am getting REALLY tired of this $%&# snow.

I have now spent better part of 20 minutes looking for a photo.  Aghhhh. I best get moving, I wrenched my knee yesterday and was pretty wrecked  last night.  I am very sore today, and now I have to limp around on the uneven frozen garbage outside.  Do I like snow? Well, maybe for the first few minutes, then NO!!!  If I didn’t have to go outside, it would be different. Oh well, enjoy the day all, stay warm!