Dawn in January (with the power lines in the shot)

No  matter how many times we see the sun rise, it is always different.  Not one day is the same.  Yes, there are many similar days, but each one is truly unique.   The basic outline is the same, it is dark, the sun rises. Yep.  It is all the other factors that come into play that makes each sunrise different.

While we all know this, and that it applies to each of our days here on this earth, we seem to forget that there are ways to change the outcomes of pretty much everything else.  Aside from death and taxes that is.

I have taken the above photo perhaps 50 times in the 8+ years we have lived on this land.  Few have been as colorful as the ones I took in December and January.  Why? Who knows.  The amount and type of dust in the air influences the colors we see when the sun’s rays hit it.  For whatever reason, I appreciate each and every sunrise – even if I take photos with power lines in frame 🙂  The colors change so rapidly that it is easy to miss if you don’t shoot quickly.  One day I will have a camera that will take a series of shots at a time.  Of course that will take part of the fun out of the “hunt” for that perfect shot I suppose, we shall see.

Lots of things have gone on this past month.  Mom had her first cataract surgery a week ago.  With the yellowed cataract removed she is seeing true colors for the first time in years 🙂  It is wonderful to see the improvement and happiness it is creating for her.  She deserves it, so much physical repair over the last years, it is time for her to really enjoy her life!

There was an article on MSNBC yesterday, about what we do to “de-stress” ourselves, and if it really works.  Take a look if you have time…….it makes more sense than you might think at first


I particularly like the part at the end, which compares expressing your feelings vs keeping it to yourself.  That end of the spectrum is where I live.  I don’t talk about things.  Of course that can backfire, but that is me.

I better get busy so I can get back here and work.  Enjoy your day all!