Pumpkin lounging in the sun

It really is.

The past few years have been really hard, but I do believe we are in the sunshine on the other side of the darkness now – so to speak that is.  Mom is doing much MUCH better 🙂  She is no longer on the medication that was doing so much harm to her.  She is back to being MOM!  My mind has been otherwise occupied for the longest time.  Now, I am better too.

Once again I can concentrate on some other things, writing, swapping out the old, pretty much not working fridge for a used one from the neighbors……..getting the garage roof fixed.  Oh and the plumbing, well, each thing in its time I guess.  Point being I can think and plan now, at least a bit 🙂 Loads more things to do, best get busy!

The critter in the photo above is a Barbados sheep wether.  We got him as a bottle baby, and he is a sweet old man now.  He is….13? I think.  Where does the time go?

Should be in the 50’s today, which defies January in the Sierra.  Wow!