Wild violets

Today is mom’s birthday.  She has gotten through all the surgeries and medication issues the past few years – and things are going in the right direction now for the first time in a very long time.  It’s a good thing 🙂  There were a lot of surgical repairs and now that the heavy duty muscle relaxant is out of the daily lineup, she is mom again.  Brighter and very much happier! Yay! So happy birthday to you mom, and here’s to many more !   Today is  lunch with her and her friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

I know so much of life is enjoying things along the way.  Like life is a journey, not a destination and all that.

I was looking through my photo files and found this…..Violets.  I love violets.  Any type or color is fine.  They grow locally, the most recent I saw them was interspersed in a lawn in town.  They free seed and grow rapidly. Such lovely little bits of color.

Enjoy the day all!