O’Malley, son of best goat ever – Audrey 🙂

In my world, there are few things cuter or more personable than a bottle fed baby goat. They are smart, they don’t smell 🙂  They love to have their bottle and cuddle if you are inclined to sit with them.  They solidly imprint on humans, and will stay devoted to you as a parental figure their whole life.  O’Malley’s mom Audrey was the best goat I ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I don’t recall her ever getting into trouble, she always ran to me when I called her.  She passed away last May.  Her son, O’Malley still lives with us here.  He is now grown and buckly……I chose not to dehorn him and now he has beautiful horns.  I left him intact mostly because I missed having him altered (fixed, castrated, neutered, take your pick).  So, he is a gorgeous boy, and while we have no need for a buck now – haven’t had babies here for years: he is still a momma’s boy.  He was weak and tiny at birth, and raised by hand.  This was just a nice springtime photo.

The weather here is still weird, below freezing at night, but now into the 50’s again during the day.  Odd.  Very odd.  Oh well, not complaining!

Enjoy the day all!