Crabapples anyone?

Recently, well, before the holidays I noticed this.  Tiny apples.  I was amused.  I had to play with them, arranging them, taking photos.  The produce guy must have wondered……ha, I wondered!  I never had seen crabapples for sale at the supermarket. No, I didn’t buy any, I just admired them 🙂  So, above is one shot…..and here is another…….


Wow, WordPress must have had it’s coffee today…..I barely blinked and it loaded this photo.  Weird.

Life changes each day, sometimes in ways so small we don’t notice.

Sometimes life changes in ways the world sees and hears.

Tell those in your life you care, that you love them.  Never leave those words unsaid, we never know what is coming down the pike.  So, look outside your own little world, be kind, and know it is the little things that can matter most.

Enjoy the day and stay warm 🙂