Ice..........every bit as different as snowflakes

This area we live in really only has two seasons.  Winter and a small chunk of spring, summer and fall.  Right now, while it is the start of winter, we have already had close to 0 degrees and now, it has been around 25 degrees day and night for days on end.  The wild birds – blackbirds and starlings, line the edge of the garage roof.  The lilac trees are full of sparrows.  Each birdy body puffed to insulate them against the cold.  They are waiting for me to go feed the chickens and toss them some seed as well.

The weather will stay this way, in various forms until late April or May.  Right now I have lost count of how many times over the last 8+ years  my lilac trees have been budding out to bloom-then got crushed by a late freezing frost.  Ugh.  They didn’t bloom in 2010, so I really hope they bloom this year.

The photo above is the ice in one of the birdbaths.  Click on it to see the full interesting view 🙂  Water is so very weird when it freezes like this.  Not just flat discs when frozen.  It bubbles up and becomes miniature mountain ranges or lumps of bubbled water frozen in place.  This birdbath is at mom’s house, under the roof overhang – sticks out just enough to catch rain or snow as it melts.  We only have one working frost free faucet over there, and I was amusing myself as I filled buckets to carry to the mustang mare Charm.  Despite draining and hanging the hoses, I still managed to have one get iced up and now it is unusable, at least until I can get it thawed.  This weather and the complications it causes gets on my nerves …….

Stay warm wherever you are and enjoy the day!