Snowflakes on my truck

The other night we had a bit of snow.  The next morning, expecting to have to scrape the icey stuff off, I was amused to find fluff.  About an inch and a half of fluffy snowflakes.  EVERYWHERE!

If you look at the photo above, you may see many different snowflake shapes.  It was quite interesting to find this.  I am liking my phone with camera more and more.  The temp was below freezing, so there was no moisture from melt holding these things there.  I could puff a breath on it and they all flew away.  Walk and drag your feet, and they fluff away like dust.  The fun type of snow!

Zipped to the big city today to pick up a replacement water heater for mom’s house.  Round trip in under 4 hours, including a stop for coffee and sandwiches 🙂 oh and gasoline.  $ 3.14 a gallon at the border on the way home.  We got back and the plumber rolled in 10 minutes later.  Installed and almost running……It apparently needs a temperature adjustment, as she has barely warmed water…..we will get it fixed mom!  OH the BEST part of this?  The unit itself is a 6 year warranty and there is a 2 year parts AND labor warranty on it !  Not one cent to fix.  Thank heavens for that.  Tomorrow is another town day, p/t and the health food store 🙂  Hope you all are tucked in nicely tonight, but at least it isn’t quite as cold tonight. Goodnight !