20 degrees, 15 degrees, it really does not matter.  The photo above is the best I could do…….it was like this again, but the creek wasn’t running.  When it freezes with water in the creekbed, the top freezes in layers.  In the morning, the water has disappeared, leaving sometimes strong plates of ice, some fragile.  Interesting.  I  have a number of photos of this, I will have to find some and post.

While fast forwarding through some things on my dvr, I had a thought… much toxic chemicals are in makeup?  I know lipstick has been full of bad stuff forever.  I look at people in commercials and wonder what is wrong with how nature has fashioned us?  How we were created in this body?  We all have a shelf life with an expiration date, most of us just don’t acknowledge it it seems.  What is wrong with the original packaging ?  Like I said, just a thought….or several.

Enjoy your evening all 🙂