truck's left rear tire

My truck had a tire come apart…….Five people stopped to see if they could help – offers of changing the tire to offering to call for help.  Two we knew. One snow plow driver at work for CalTrans.  He had to drive all the way down to the intersection a mile away and back.  Geez, who would have thought ?  Small town you know…….I even got an email from a friend who saw us talking to a California Highway Patrol who stopped to see what we needed.  My friend asked if we were ok, if I had been stopped for speeding 🙂 Nah…… aside from a shredded tire, the road service fellow put on my good spare.  The weather cooperated, it was cold but not raining or snowing.  We got home finally, thankfully.  I am now just getting to making my dinner.  Now I will be hunting for used tires for my truck.  Always something to do….. enjoy your evening all !