"Can I come in ?" cow on mom's back step

One of our neighbors cows came to stay overnight.  She got out of the pasture across the way and was on the road (shudders).   Since  mom’s very long driveway was right there……the rancher cornered the cow there.  There was traffic and it was snowing pretty hard, and LOTS of ice.  Not safe to try and herd her home. While she was here all she did was wander around and nibble grass…..and look in the sliding glass door.  And the front window.  I did however convince her not to get up on the deck in front.  The ranchers came this morning and herded her home.  Interesting.  Different.  Messy.  I knew that about cows though 🙂

Breakfast with our mustang Charm

Charm didn’t care, the cow had her own hay, but it didn’t stop her from giving the cow “the look” as you can see.  I only use my sled to feed from when there is snow and ice on the ground – but since the wind was blowing, I decided to use the cart anyway so as not to scare the cow.  She was BIG.  Didn’t need to startle her.

Inspecting my feed cart and fork.......not impressed

The cow spent a lot of time looking in the dining room slider.  This was Jerry mom’s big cat when he noticed the cow outside the door.

"WHAT is THAT??" says the cat.

When the cow first saw me behind the house, she was looking inside at mom.  I called her, brilliantly saying “Hey cow, come here”…next thing, the cow is approaching quickly. Ack!  Not quite the response I expected.  Once she saw I didn’t have anything for her, she went away just as quickly.


Cow heading for home.

The rancher asked if she broke anything…..nope.  Just lots of cow pies left behind.  The rider also asked where the propane tank was, he didn’t want the cow to “get involved” with it as he herded her out.  Interesting.  The older rancher asked if they owed us anything for “keeping the cow” ha.  No.  He gave us a box of chocolates for our trouble, wished us Merry Christmas and thanked us again.  Seriously though, keeping huge animals off the road is something I am neurotic about.  Having seen the results of car vs horse and car vs cow before in my lifetime, there is no question about helping. None at all.  Glad to help you Mrs.Cow.  It was different and fun – at least this once.