Dawn over Honey Lake, December 2010

Beautiful even if it is shot over our neighbors property across the street.  I am always very aware of where there are posts, wires, buildings etc.  Today I had to just shoot. This next one is of our usual morning birds waiting.  Mostly blackbirds, some starlings.  The doves were apparently still in bed somewhere 🙂  No owls last night, it was very quiet.  The night before, they had a big conversation from tree to tree, then finally in the home nest near our house.  Interesting creatures owls are.

Birds on the wire

I keep having not quite a recurring dream, more like the same theme.  Not quiet sure what it means.  Likely it means I have to work more on my book, and keep my thoughts going in the right direction, not down a rabbit trail or six – if you understand what I mean 🙂

Stay warm and remember to tell the people you have in your life you love them.  Life is so fleeting…………..