Hooot Hoooot!!! We're baaaacckkkk !

Yes indeed.  (Along with the WordPress fake snow…)  There is an owl in the tree above, not far from the bottom of the shot.   The great horned owl pair have returned.  Each evening at dusk, the come back and are apparently reclaiming the nest in the tree by the house.  It was an adjustment to make when they first moved in a couple of years ago, but when they are gone after the owlets fledge, it is too quiet without them.  So, now they are back, and I hoot back at them.  The male swooped down over my head the first time I did that (I like to mimic the critters, apparently a bit too well for his liking I guess).  Fun though 🙂  Not a great photo, but I swear that bird knows when I get the camera out, so it is always from a distance with the camera phone.

Have baking to do, hoping to get to the Susanville Symphony dress rehearsal tonight for the Christmas program later this week. Yay !

Rained lightly all night, quite a change from snow.  Supposed to be in the 50’s this week.  Yep, quite different.  Stay warm and enjoy your day !