Not where one usually sees a dog waiting....

About a week ago, when in town to pick up some essentials, there was the dog.  On the roof of his owner’s truck.  Waiting.  None too patiently 🙂  First time I had ever seen this.

Just returned from dinner with my mom, son and our friend Judy.  Nice meal, quite and relaxing.  Thought out in advance for the first time in more than 8 years.  Felt good to focus on something like this.

The weather has been very cold.  This time we didn’t get near the snow they said we would………what did fall melted a lot and left ice crunch everywhere.  I broke it up with my pitchfork and raked it out of the path with my garden rake.  The green grass is still growing looks like.  Don’t know how that could be, it was 22 outside my kitchen window when I came inside from doing late chores.  Here is the path going towards my side of the creek.

I hope that wherever you are, you are staying warm and had a nice meal.

Night all !