First shot November 16 2010


I woke up.  Sat up.  Then I looked through the bamboo blinds, which actually do have a sheer sage green curtain over them, point being, they can be seen through…..and could already see reds and golds of an amazing sunrise.  I cleared my head, jumped into my boots and with camera in hand, hiked across the bridge to take the first shot, with power lines.  A couple of hundred feet later, this shot.  Click on to enlarge 🙂


A minute or so later, no power lines

Nature is so incredible.  Each day so different.  I had never lived in an area with so much sky to watch.  I have either lived in smog so we couldn’t see the mountains rimming the valley……or in the mountains where you didn’t see much sky due to the mountains VBG !  Here, it is a valley, but it is perhaps 60 miles the long way.  LOTS of sky to watch. Love it.  I was running around outside in my pj’s, and came in thinking it wasn’t so cold now. Yay ! Then at some point I looked at the indoor thermometer, and it was 55 in the living room, and 32 outside. Big deal.  Outside I go again to work on that HUGE woodpile.  My son is working too, but I think I am going to call the neighbors and see if I can borrow one to help.  Supposed to start snowing by the end of the week so they say………enjoy your day all !