One of my white peacocks

People ask me the oddest things………When looking at my bird pictured above, they either say “it is an albino bird !!”, which is incorrect, as the birds  have dark blue eyes…..or one of my favorites, which is “what is THAT???”  Ha.  I got the white peacocks as hatchlings, and they believed me to be their parent bird.  They would follow me everywhere, and come when I called them.  When they began to fly, they would go overhead and look down at me like “Duh, why aren’t YOU flying ?” then circle back, land and commence following me again.  We live in an old farmhouse that originally had two heat sources,  a woodstove in the living room, which is still there and used to keep us from freezing to death.  The other was used for a wood cook stove in the kitchen.  Above the roofline stands the chimney that is in the kitchen wall now.  The top is covered with a steel plate.  There is a point to this…….when the peacocks began to fly and wanted to roost up high, they of course chose the roof.  When indoors, I would hear this clink clink noise.  I would rush outside and look up.  Both birds would invariably be standing on the roof.  Not on the top of the unused chimney.  On the roof.  This went on for weeks, and one day, I was outdoors and I happened to see one of them tap dancing on this metal plate, which is on top of the terra cotta chimney top.  Clink clink…….aghhhh. You get the idea.  Silly things.

I got to thinking about the types of people I “follow” on Twitter.  Kind of like when I compiled a list of the different jobs I have had at one time or another….quite varied to put it mildly.

Today is Sunday….and the weather is absolutely horrible.  Not cold enough to snow, but fierce wind and rain.  I haven’t ventured out to check the livestock yet (I can see them from the window) and need to do that. Best send this to the server before the power goes blinking off again.

Stay warm and have a good day !