7:30 pm October 12, 2010

Click on the photo, it will open in a larger form……very neat.  The moon last night peeking through our Halloween type trees…..love it.  Just enough moisture in the air to give it a haze…..The and the ocean have always been so fascinating to me.  Now that I have lived in the desert for so long, I have had to make due with the sand and the wind and the SKY…..but on nights like last night…… bring on the moon !  I could take a hundred shots of it – thank the technology geeks for the present of digital cameras !  Although as I recall it was quite something to change film so quickly with my 35 mm camera DURING a horserace……heehee – still got the shot at the finish ! But this is neater and handy to be able to “waste” shots just to get a great one, without really wasting film. Nice.

Off to try and get more important stuff done 🙂 Enjoy the day all !