Sunset In October 2006


So many things going on in so many different directions I feel like I am being pulled along in a whirlpool………not quite being pulled under, but too close to be safe……… is like that, right ?

Love these photos.  This is my cat Hawaii when he was about 6 months old.


Hawaii not long after he found his way to our home 🙂


He and his friend Kona were abandoned. Once I was recovering from being so sick from the toxic buildup of artificial sweetener in diet Coke, I looked to something different to drink. I had just started drinking coffee, and naming the new cats  Kona and Hawaii seemed right.  Hawaii was only with us for just short of a year.  Kona is still here and waits under the lilac trees each morning for her breakfast.  She is only going to be four, but was terribly hurt by some animal when she arrived here.  Her poor ears are very worn looking, but overall she is doing well thankfully.  Still wild as a march hare though….


Kona when she was one year old


Pets add so much to our lives.  I am thankful for our four legged furry friends….well and my feathered friends too. Doves and chickens. Such characters they all are.  This next photo is Tweety.  She was brought to me as a last ditch hope to find a home, as the next stop was going to be someones “stew pot” eeeeeeeeeee.  They thought she was a rooster.  One day, not long after she arrived, being such a pet, she was following me around as usual.  Then she was saying “booooooccccckkkkk”  When I looked down, there was a perfect light brown egg.  Good Tweety !  Now, as she has aged, she still follows me around commenting on what I am doing.  When I go out to feed them, she preceeds me to the feed can.  If I am too slow, she pecks my foot ! Nothing like being bossed by a chicken 🙂


Tweety, a Polish cross hen


Happy Birthday to a friend far away today.  Dale I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t wear yourself out with that yard renovation ! Eat some cake !

Enjoy your day all !