The garden dept at a local store....

Some things never cease to amaze me.  I took this photo, and the one that I will post below in the garden dept at the only big store in town. I mean we do have several grocery stores, but this is IT for shopping clothing and “stuff”.

As you may have seen me put in closing of posts at times “from the desert where it snows”.  Hmm.  Ok, nowhere in THIS desert, indoors or otherwise, do I know of one person who would use this stuff.  I would LOVE to have a lemon tree……..but it would never survive our winters.  Same with a palm.  Ugh. Very silly to me………

I don't need this stuff, I have hawks and owls !

Seriously ?

Now the other day we did see a beetle outside of mom’s house.  NEVER had I seen one of this size……..between 3 and 4 inches long.  Did I mention it FLIES ??? OMG. Mom had the poor luck to have one get in her house and it flew over to her and landed on her arm one night……I think she said the one outside was bigger.  It went under the front porch.  We sat on that same porch last night, after dinner.  Mom was seeing lightning strikes, I was hearing thunder.  I was wondering if the beetle was watching us.  I missed most of the light show 🙂  Then once it was dark, it rained just a bit, in a few patches.  I woke at four am, hearing the patter of rain on the lilac tree leaves.  So I went back to sleep and dreamed our neighbors had sold their property and we were riding back from the big city on horseback.  It was fantastic, I was on my horse Toby, a brilliantly colored Appaloosa…….only problem with this scenario was……..let’s see.  65 miles from home on horseback…….oh yeah, because of my $%&#  broken neck I don’t ride……..oh and my horse passed away……..ten years ago ? Gak.

Time to get moving, espresso in hand, dry cereal nearby.

Have fun today, take time for yourself ! It is so important we do that for ourselves….