Ice in a puddle Winter 2009

The look of things to come, likely too soon.

It had been  like fall for weeks.  My horses have had their winter hair grown in since mid August.  Today it was like 93 degrees.  Ugh.  Neither the animals or the people have any idea what the weather is doing it seems.  All week, hot.  Breaking records everywhere.  It seems if you were not being flooded out, you were being pan-fried.  One day in Los Angeles, it was 113 degrees.  Then I hear that the “official” thermometer was broken for several hours, so it was “likely” hotter than 113.  OMG.  The hottest day in recorded history for LA.

The other day I agreed to bring home a rescued rooster.  He is a breed called “Frizzle”.  Guess what his name is ?  Ah yes………it is……..Mr.Frizzle.  I can’t claim that name giving title, he was pre-named.  I will take a photo of him tomorrow, he is so interesting to look at !  He was raised as a pet, and he is the nicest boy. He and I went through the drive through at Jack In The Box that day.  He rode on the front seat of my pickup, passenger side of course 🙂  He was seat belted in of course too.  In his transport cage that is.  He didn’t even crow at the worker.  In fact the worker didn’t even NOTICE him.  Perhaps that is what comes of living rural.

The sun goes down much earlier now.  It is not even 7:30 pm and it is pitch dark.  All too soon, I will feed at 3:30 pm and be pretty much dark by 4:30…..or earlier, I forget.  Or rather I don’t want to remember.

My son is playing Aerosmith………the song “Dream On” which the beginning reminds me of Led Zepplin’s  “Stairway to Heaven”.  I expect to hear that soon….today’s youth has such a huge playlist available to them.  I may hear Johnny Cash one day, Aerosmith the next.  Or perhaps the Dead Kennedys… is always interesting.  My son was stunned to hear that the musicians in Aerosmith are older than I am 🙂  I had a song stuck in my head the other day, for once not compliments of my son.  It was by a band by the name of Kansas……..the song ? “Dust In The Wind”.  In high school, my friend who lives far away in Japan now – Debbie 🙂  used to play that a lot.  I can’t hear it without thinking of her and the house in Encino.  I blessed her with a “remember this song email” and she graciously got it stuck in HER head VBG !

“Don’t hang on. Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky”…………..

The trees across the street are turning for real now, the lilac trees will soon do the same.  Kona the wild cat continues to inhabit our yard, and happily greets me for breakfast each day.  The owl family comes and goes, and the sparrows, starlings and blackbirds  are numerous.  The first white crown sparrows appeared yesterday, on their yearly migration stopover here.

Take care of each other, enjoy each day and remember to say “I love you”.  This ride ends unexpectedly, altogether too soon… enjoy each precious second of it.  I do !