Another sunset

I find now that I use Twitter, and Facebook, I don’t blog  much.  No reason actually for that, just happened that way.  I notice that in relation to other people I know too.  Maybe it is the instant gratification of putting in a line, or 140 characters and hitting enter.  Makes you feel like you have filled in whoever out there who is curious about what I am up to.  Makes me feel like I am not totally failing on keeping up on things.  I know it’s not true, as I have people who don’t use Twitter or FB.  I apologize for being so lax about blogging.

Yesterday, my son and I went to the nearby wildlife refuge.  The name is misleading right off the bat.  It isn’t a refuge, like a safe place., not at all.  It is a place for animals and migrating waterfowl.  In fact, they hunt there.  All things furry and feathered in the hunting season.  Very irritating.  We can hear them blasting away from our house.  Yesterday there were already thousands of Canada Geese there.  I saw three huge buck deer, big rack antlers peering at us on the road.  Here they are 🙂

Three bucks - September 2010

Canada Geese at the wildlife refuge

Lots of interesting times coming up…..I will try and blog more often. Enjoy your evening !