I just love my chicky ladies !

Egg problems ?

Not here !  I have four old Aracauna hens.  They like to keep me guessing as to where they will lay their eggs.  More often than not, the ground squirrels steal them before I find them.  Not today though !  The crankiest hen I saw go by the kitchen window.  I opened the back door, and listened.  I could hear little grumbling chicken noises and followed it to the source.  Ah HA !  The other ladies had already kindly put their eggs there.  She complied and walked off.  Here is what I took inside happily………..

From the ladies fresh this am....four gigantic blue eggs !

The size is just amazing.  I tried to take a good photo of one in my hand to give an idea of just how big they are…….but that really didn’t work.  They are larger than the biggest store bought eggs.   In fact they don’t FIT into a regular egg carton.

Thanks ladies, everyone enjoy your day !