Charm - my mustang..."what is up with that camera again ?"

The BLM is at it again, clearing our American icons, the wild horses from their own designated use land…….this blog listed below has all the correct information.  This is just plain idiotic, abuse at the government level.  Our horses are supposed to be  protected, and now they can’t wait to run them off, using helicopters to be kept in holding facilities.  This area is just over the mountain range from our place.  1250 square miles.  Larger than Rhode Island.  Private cattle and sheep are grazed there for a pittance, with nothing done to help take care of the range.  Their solution to less forage ? Take the horses away from their home and graze more privately owned cattle and sheep !  It costs the taxpayers so much money to keep the horses in drylot situations, which is no life for them at all.  Family groups are broken up, and many are killed by these horrific roundups.  I have appealed to local tv stations to get to the bottom of this, no one will give an answer.  The BLM should be held accountable for destroying the horses and the range.

If you have the time, please call or write to the senators listed in the blog below, call the White House !  Obama appointed Salazar, someone is going to have to pay attention and stop this.

2000 animals are being taken from their homes for no reason at all, except to open it up for more private grazing.  Not acceptable.

This is the blog, Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Madeleine Pickens website, this is a direct link to send an email to Obama and Salazar pleading to stop these roundups….copy and paste or go to

I have a mustang, she is the smartest horse I have ever been around.  These horses know what is going on, and it is just wrong.

Make a call, write an email, please help.

Thank you for anything you can do.