Spring sunset 2010 (yeah we still had snow!)

Recently I have discovered more about myself, actually an ever evolving process, right ?  Yeah, it is.  I understand all too well about the march of time, the heaviness of the issue.  I see life appear and disappear.  I have rescued many animals, having success in rehabilitating them is a joy – something that cannot be explained.  Especially to people who say to me “why bother ? It is just a __________. Fill in the blank.

Some brilliant soul wrote a few lines about saving creatures, big or small.  It goes something like this.  “A woman walked along a long stretch of beach.  The tide had receded far back from the shore.  There were thousands of stranded starfish, dying in the sun.  She would walk a few paces, pick up a starfish and toss it back to the sea.  A person came along and asked what she was doing.  They said “it’s just a starfish, there are so many”.  But the woman said to the person ” perhaps to you, but to this starfish it is everything.”

Each life deserves its rightful place in our universe.  If I can help, I will, two or four-legged alike.  To me, it is a life, plain and simple.  I have not always made the best choices, but I have always tried to make a difference.

For some reason, today has been a batch of ten minute intervals.  Woke up at five.  Closed my eyes again.  Opened in ten minutes, three or four times.  Gave up, got up.  Went back to check the local news………ten minutes later.  Saw one of my favorite chickens outside – Brownest Chicken in the World.  She is being BAD.  She didn’t get in the coop the last two nights, which means she has a nest of un-fertilized eggs somewhere.  Next is the egg hunt for me…..likely not until I follow her to the hidden site in the am.  I have no rooster with the ladies so there won’t be chicks, but it is the predator problem that makes me very nervous.  We have had raccoons and skunks here.  Not a fun thing……one situation I will do most anything to avoid is having one of those animals get to the chicky ladies.

Ah ha !  It has been twenty-three minutes, so the ten minute interval cycle is broken!  Ha !  Enjoy your day all, and stay COOL if you can !