Under the lilacs...ready for birds !

I love birds.  I have raised wild songbirds and released them to live their lives where they were meant to live for many years.  Before I figured out how to do that, I raised my first bird, a house sparrow named Myrtle.  Myrt was a big part of the family for about 14 years.  Same with a mourning dove, brilliantly named Dovie.  She was with us for 17 years.  Lovely critters.

This season brought more rain and snow late.  Very late freezes killed any hopes of my lilac trees blooming.  It also made grass grow in places where we have never had grass or weeds.  I am still catching up on that……..but that is another blog.  Point being, when nature goes nuts, the animals do too.  Ground squirrels by the scores.  There are SO many birds, that there is literally a line up at the birdbaths in the late afternoon.  I think I am going to set up the third one.  I have a dozen small dishes set out for water for everyone.  I provide water anywhere it is needed.  Nothing  quite calms the nerves than the odd “scrape-scrape” noise when approaching a 70 gallon water trough.  Just when I get just close enough and think long enough I realize it’s a  “SQUIRREL in the WATER  TROUGH !!!” and run for my rake or pitchfork or piece of wood to dip the poor exhausted from swimming critter out and lay it in the shade.  They usually make it.  I have found a number that did not, thus the abundance of small water dishes.  Birds too. Ugh.  Just doing my part to try and help nature.

Amazing sky !

The photo above was from the last month or so.  I finally downloaded all the photos from my camera.  All 229 of them 🙂  Now I need to get my camera unloaded too.  The sky here is just weird.  There are streaks of sunlight, and the photo above makes it look like our old goat barn and the chicken coop (the green structure on the right) are emblazoned with celestial light.  Just another day on the ranch, right ?

I have just finished chatting with and mostly listening to one of my friends, who had about a quart of coffee today.  After almost an hour and a half I said well, sorry, gotta go to bed…….she was chagrined and still chatted on 🙂  So, now it is hours later than I thought I would post this, so here you go.

Stay safe, and make sure your property is fire safe !!!  Three fires to the south of us tonight, likely compliments of the lightning strikes.   Just weird weather today…….Now I THINK I have linked this blog to my Facebook page……we shall see what happens.  Now that it is almost 11:00, goodnight all !