Chocolate chip bundt cake anyone ?

Because I have not blogged for far too long.  I have a couple hundred photos to download between my camera and my cell phone.  No real escuses, just that life has been hectic.  Mom is doing fantastic – now almost 4 weeks post total reverse shoulder replacement surgery.  PT is going well, and this was with a big setback due to an allergy to the steri-strip glue.  Yay mom !!!

I will get to the camera soon, I promise.  Bundt cake is haunting my subconscious, might have to make one soon so I can have a small slice.  Hmmmmm.  Did you know that there are people who bake cakes like my cake shown above and sell them for a TON of money ?  Like over $ 40 each plus shipping ?  I thought about doing just that for a while…..still might when the holidays roll around, which will be here next week by the way time flies.

A not so great thing is that I just noticed that one of my pygora goats is beginning to hair up with the start of her winter coat.  In mid July.  The earliest we have seen that before was the first week in August, which was last year, and our low temp was -19 .  Yes nineteen BELOW zero.  Eeeeeeee, hope that does not happen again.

Hug those near and dear to you and let them know you love them 🙂