Dusk in the non-spring, not yet summer evening

Monday summer begins ? The seasons here don’t follow the norm.  I know people who have been harvesting some veggies from their gardens in other parts of the world.  Us ? If one were planting late, and got their gardens going in the last month, the young plants were likely frozen the other morning.  Just nuts.  Hay is usually cut by now, and farms here are just beginning to bale.  First cutting alfalfa was very slow to grow, and was cut and then we got rain and snow and freezing.  Instantly becomes cow hay.  Not top quality dairy cow stuff, junk hay really.  Sad.  This weather took care of the lilacs for the year, year four of eight no blooms.  It is usually hot by now, and we may have seen 90 once ? so far………not complaining about that, but to realize that we can have snow again in what will be a few short months, give us a break please !

June night 2010

It occurs to me that living here, what we all do is prepare for winter – like a bunch of bears or squirrels or something.  Make sure that things are sound and working before the freeze sets in. Lay in feed for the animals for the winter for when we can’t get hay delivered due to snow everywhere.  Gates ? Maintaining entry to paddocks and buildings is a whole other nightmare.  For some idiotic reason, when I laid out the fencing here, I decided to have large gate openings in places.  Well, that is fine, BUT never use a 24 foot gate.  Just don’t do it.  Because you have to shovel the whole arc of the 24 feet to be sure you can get a trailer in or a horse out in case of emergency.  Not humorous, not at ALL.  I saw the first winter here why they say that shoveling snow is dangerous.  People die each year doing just that.  So, I do it all the time, several times a day or more in select areas, so I theoretically won’t kill myself doing it all at once.  Who knows. Make sure that the pumphouse has a working lightbulb.  Check it DAILY.  When the house main  water line freezes up, it can take days (actual number FOUR) to thaw.  That was with an older space heater in it.  It added about $ 60 to my already high electric bill for using it for 9 days.  Amazing.  And people ask why we are going to move to Washington ?

This last week, mom had a total reverse shoulder replacement. She was brought up to her room just before 7 pm.  I brought her home the very next day!  Most remarkable.  Good for you mom, good for all of us !  Life will be much better for her now.  Just have to get through the next months of therapy and she will be good for a long time 🙂

Thanks Susan for the heads up on the tall ships in the Puget sound again 🙂  Last year we were fortunate to vacation (first vacation for me in over 20 years) in Port Orchard.  We rented a house on the sound……….oh it was heavenly.  Even if I was sick for part of the time.  The photo ops were to die for ……….this is the little artist studio that my son got to call home while were there.

On the sound..........September 2010I keep this photo on my desktop.  We will move to Port Orchard sometime, when the time is right.

Enjoy the day and hug those near and dear to you.  Make sure they know how you feel, time is fleeting so enjoy each second of it.