Sunset in my Chevy truck's rear window

So many different skies here.  I like finding nature’s likeness in everyday things.  Somewhere in my blog is a photo of one of the bird baths with ice in various forms in it, reflecting the lilac tree.  Interesting always.

Beautiful reflections in the windows of our 1905 farmhouse at dawn...

Reflections in particular are of interest to me……..our friend Carol has many beautiful sunsets – her home in BC has gorgeous sunsets like we do here.  Of course she has sunsets from all over the world, which is fun too.  I have only been in the US and Canada, so world traveler I am not.  I have friends who have been to Paris recently, and I kid them, that the only French word I know is croissant 🙂  I have an acquaintance who thought it funny to email all of us IN FRENCH.  Then he did send a translation for those foreign language deficient like myself.  Ha.

I am in the midst of self-realization now……..and have a lot of emotional and physical housecleaning to get done.  I am still writing every day, so that is what is important.  The blog fell to the side of the road and into a culvert apparently, my apologies, I will try and do better.

Enjoy the day all !