Dirt…..and until a little while ago, the ice from the birdbath………..

Lilac shoots that have taken root, and I let grow, as it is still my intention to take some of them when we move.  When is that ? Who knows.  But some of my big lilac tree will come too.

Baby starlings gamboling about in the lilac shoots.  Hiding from my bad chickens, who would make them into a starling snack in an instant given the chance.  Bad chickens !

This kitten has never been under the lilac trees.  This is Little Girl, one of the kittens that Kona had two years ago that I hand raised.  Two years ! Where does the time GO ???

Little Girl two years ago today 🙂

Kona the wild cat, who eats dry cat food, or canned at times.  Who does not have the inclination nor the agility to catch the starlings and snack on them.  She lies there and watches, I think secretly rooting for the chickens to make a catch.  Once again, who knows ?

Tonight is the finale of the Biggest Loser.  Fantastic show, very inspirational.  I email with one of the current contestants, a big fellow who began his journey to lose weight at 526 lbs.  One foot in the grave, and he is only 30 years old.  So far, he had lost 204 lbs at the Biggest Loser ranch, where they do all their training…….now they have been home for a while, and tonight the top 3 will see who lost the highest percentage of weight since the beginning, and be crowned the “Biggest Loser of season 9”.  Plus gather $ 250,000.  Yea !  Love this show.  Any of them are deserving of the title, as they have already won, they have saved their own lives by changing their lives.  So, go Michael !  Good luck to everyone.

Enjoy your day all !