The almost local (well 75 miles from us, but they came out to do the story) television station ABC affiliate did this story.

Since then, the two kittens were recovered, as well as two adults.  That leaves the mom cat missing and another adult.  What a sad thing.  The kittens are being cared for and I should have photos soon I hope !

The weather here…….well two days ago, it was snowing, horizontal, in 30 mph winds.  Interesting.  The lilac trees have taken a huge hit, there are some blooms left that are hanging on, but most have turned black and disappeared due to the lovely snow and freezing temps here in MAY.  Oh well.

The owls, one had come out of the nest and was on the ground that I got to a wildlife rehab group.  The remaining two babies fledged and three days ago they were all gone.  Quiet for several nights.  Then last night, I heard the familier hoot hoo hoo hoot and they are in our neighbors tree.  Funny they are so busy and noisy, and I missed them when they were gone wherever they had gone to.

Enjoy your day all, hope all is right with your world !